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Neutrinet, let's build associative ISP(s) in Belgium

What is Neutrinet?

Neutrinet is a project dedicated to build associative Internet Service Provider(s) in Belgium.

We want to preserve Internet as it was designed to be : a decentralized system of interconnected computer networks. We want to bring users back into the network by empowering them from both a technical and knowledge perspective. Neutrinet does not have clients, we have members that contribute to the project as much as they want and/or are able to.

Human rights, Net neutrality, privacy, transparency are our core values.

As for now, the project is focused on the Brussels area.

We face many exciting challenges. Join us!

You can watch a video of a presentation of Neutrinet by Bram here.

Upcoming events:

No upcoming event.

Past Events:
Name Date Location
Meeting 2014/7 24 April 2014 19:30:00 123 Rue Royale, BXL
Meeting 2014/6 3 April 2014 19:30:00 123 Rue Royale, BXL
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How to get involved?

Just let us know! (Contact)

You can become a member!

Contribute :

bitcoin:18DEn71vmmoHzd235g6eFC64RcdhPpjpwc Bitcoin.png

bpost bank account IBAN: BE51 0003 2598 4462 / BIC: BPOTBEB1

Ongoing projects:
Project name Status Tags Leader
ASBL Ongoing admin, legal Alct
Backhaul (collecte) Ongoing tech
Bank Ongoing bank, account, money Joe
Graphic identity Ongoing design, logo, website
Translation Ongoing writing
VPN Ongoing tech Kheops, Jlzirani
Wifi Ongoing tech olm

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