A Belgian associative Internet Service Provider, by its users for its users


The association aims at maintaining, developing and promoting the use of information exchange networks, in accordance with the principle of network neutrality and defense of fundamental human rights, notably the rights to freedom of speech, access to information and respect for privacy by supporting and empowering both individuals and communities.
Article number 4 of our statutes

Neutrinet is a member of FDN Federation and has ratified its chart

The FDN Federation is a federation of Non-Profit Internet Service Providers sharing common values: volunteer-based, solidarity-driven, democratic and non-profit working; defense and promotion of Net neutrality.

What is Neutrinet and what we are doing

Neutrinet is a associative I.S.P. based in Belgium. This mean that we are a group of people that wants to handle our access to the Internet.

We are non-profit, voluntary based, auto-organised and we defend net neutrality, privacy and freedom of expression.

The Internet Cube

Your own part of the Internet

We are working hard to provide you with a plug'n'play and easy to use self hosting server which enables you to manage your emails, your website and many other Internet services while keeping all your personal data on your own box at home.

Everything is inplemented using free softwares like YUNOHOST and an open hardware board from Olimex. More details

Participate to the group order
In association with
And many others <3


Trapped on a non-neutral Internet connection?

Want a public IP address but your provider won't give you one?

Neutrinet has the solution for you!

Get your own Net-Neutralizer VPN connection™ with your own public IP space for 8€/month!

Get involved!

Like any free software, Neutrinet is what you make of it, join us in our adventure!


Neutrinet is structured in a series of different hubs each one being focused on different part of our activities. The idea is to makes what is happening in Neutrinet more obvious rather than creating rigid entities.

For now, we have 4 hubs but some additional ones might be added in the future (like one for communication).


Each hub have a coordinator, someone responsible for communication between the hub and everything else, introducing new volunteers and making sure that everything is moving smoothly.

The coordinator isn't especially an expert on the subject.

How to participate

If you want to give a hand or get involve into a hub, simply contact its coordinator. You don't have to be 100% sure about what you want to do, the coordinator is here to help and guide you even if you don't know what you can do.

If you are not sure about what you can do or simply what were are doing every hub has a link to its own page with more informations (details activities, todo list, who is involve).

You can also ask on the mailing list, on, talk with a coordinator of a hub or come at a meeting.

Administrative Hub

This hub is responsible for everything regarding administrative work, both reactive (accounting, ASBL/VZW stuff, banks, ...) and proactive (member listing, financial planing, ...) and the software development of our backoffice.

Coordinator: contact
Required knowledge: none
Good to have knowledge:

  • ASBL/VZW handling
  • accounting (basic)
  • banks
  • for backoffice tools development: python/django
Internet Cube Hub

This hub handle to mission of providing our (future) members with a running Internet Cube and support.
This include: group order, communication with the participants, logistic, installation and support

Coordinator: contact
Required knowledge: none
Good to have knowledge:

  • how to talk about the project and answering common questions
  • for installation: basic linux system administration skill (using of a shell, dd, nmap)
  • know the classical bugs and how to fix it or who to reach
  • for backoffice tools development: python/django and java
Infrastructure Hub

This hub is responsible for maintaining our technical infrastructure up and running and its evolution (installing new services, configuring new servers, exploring hosting possibilities).

Coordinator: contact
Required knowledge: linux system administration (debian)
Good to have knowledge:

  • openvpn
  • networking skill (routing, BGP, iptables)
  • classical deployement workflow (php, python, ruby, other)
  • jvm administration (zookeeper, maven) (for ISP-ng for the VPN)
Communication Hub

This hub is responsible for communicating with the outside world.

Coordinator: contact
Required knowledge: basic communication skills :)

And our general means of communication:

Subscribe to our mailing list

Our mailing list is one of our central communication media, where everything is announced, don't hesitate to join and introduce yourself!

Come to our meetings

We meet every 2 to 3 weeks to talk about our progress and keep our motivation. Everyone is free to join!

Become a member

Becoming a member of Neutrinet is both a way for you to get involved easily, gaining vote possibility and a way to support a bit our, your, project financially.

Contribute to our Wiki

Our wiki is our main tool of organisation, we centralise all the important information on it and use it to manage activities like our meetings.


We meet every:
- 3rd Tuesday of the month in EDRi's office (20, rue Belliard - 1040 Brussels). This meeting is about discussing what Neutrinet will try to accomplish in the next month, it's open to everybody
- 3rd Sunday of the month at Rue Royale, 123 in Brussels. This meeting is an install party. Come with your laptop, your internet cube and hack/discuss with us. Everybody is welcome.

Please subscribe to our mailing-list to get notified of meeting date changes.

Common meeting locations

Become a member

It's easy!

Becoming a member of Neutrinet is simple: pay your annual membership fee (25€ or more) either:

  • to a member of our administrative council at a meeting
  • to our bank by wire transfer - see the information on the right - and tell us by email.

Bank details:

Bank: RecordBank
Name: Neutrinet ASBL
Communication: cotisation of ...
IBAN: BE52 6528 3497 8409

Belgium law requires us to ask you for your first name, last name and home address.

While we are not expecting spontaneous unknown new members, we recommended that before becoming a member of the Neutrinet ASBL/VZW you spend a bit of time discovering what we are doing and in the same time letting us know you a bit better :)

It is not mandatory to be a member of the ASBL/VZW to contribute and participate in the life of Neutrinet but this is a nice way to support us. It is mandatory if you want to subscribe to one of our services.

If you have subscribed to the VPN service, you are already a member and don't need to pay your the membership fee separately.

Neutrinet is part of the diy-isp movement.

See some of the other members at

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