We do VPN

As fast as we can…

With a Fixed IP, but it does not replace your current provider !

Create your VPN
With this tutorial & a prix libre.

With the VPN

You will reach a first step

Encrypt your communications and contribute to Net neutrality

With VPN With VPN
Without VPN Without VPN

A VPN is a tool widely used in the business world. It relies on the encryption of all network exchanges (traffic) between two entities (people, buildings, geographically remote places,…) with the different Internet service providers being unable to watch or interact with what is happening (except for blocking everything, but we are not there yet, or copying everything with the idea of deciphering it later).

We provide a VPN connexion to you, your familly and friends.
With a Pay what you want policy. Arround 8€/month advised.

Censoring is not good. Period.

With Neutrinet's VPN, the Internet censorship, unfortunately imposed on Belgian providers, is bypassed.

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Yeehaaa ! With a VPN I can do everything !

WRONG. Our VPN is not a magical anonymity tool.
Especially because it is provided with a fixed IP.

The anonymity on the Internet is far more complex.

So… Why ?

In addition to bypassing censorship

Having a fixed IP

To launch yourself into self-hosting, contribute to the (re)decentralization of the Internet and above all have your own...