Wij doen Internet Kubus

Zelf-hosting, thuis, laag consumptie…

Gebaseerd op de LIME en LIME2 van Olimex en operationeel dankzij Yunohost !

Bestel - Install

If you landed here,
it means you've reach the Step 1

Put your fingers in self hosting and
throught yourself in the great journey of…

Hot Spot ! - Step 2

Running a Debian libre distribution improved and packaged by Yunohost over some open hardware provided by Olimex, connected throught our VPN and… Tadaaam ! VPN over wireless for home !

In detail…

Mail Server - Step 3

In addition of the Wifi Hot Spot, a cube running yunohost is a mail server (Postfix), a firewall (Iptable), an XMPP server (Metrorome) and tools to manage all those easily !

In detail…

Nextcloud - Step 4

What if we add some files storage and sharing, some calendars, contacts and so on ? It's Nextcloud who will handel it ! And there are client softwares for all your devices.

In detail…

To even more autonomy

Improve your knowledge over Yunohost, the Lime1 or the Lime2, try or use more Apps and share the libre software philosophy.

In detail…