10 years of Neutrinet

We have many things to celebrate !

fiesta neutrinet

It's party time at Neutrinet's town.

As for many collectives, the last few months were not suitable for meeting and doing activities together. Nevertheless, at Neutrinet, there have been some important events that deserve to be celebrated!

What for we're expecting to come and celebrate :

  • The new servers were moved to LouiseDC (Brussels) and the i3d (Rotterdam) infrastructure was switched over. [August 15, 2020]
  • Pick up of the hardware that was at i3d (Rotterdam). [August 24, 2020]
  • The 10 years of Neutrinet. [31 March 2021]
  • Placement of three new servers to offer virtual machine rental. [August 15, 2021]
  • Our first internet line! [September 3, 2021]

The party will take place on Friday, September 24th from 6pm at the Caldarium (you will find the different ways to get there on this page). Everyone is welcome, whether it's just to say hello or to chat until the end of the night.

If needed, there are a few places to sleep, but let us know if you plan to spend the night.

Come with food and/or drink, in a potluck mode. There will be plenty to drink: beer is 2€, wine is 2€ and soft drinks are 1€. To help everyone know who is bringing what, we invite you to complete this pad.

We hope to see many of you, Neutrinet

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